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Release Date: 23 Jun 2020

The Bank has updated the Financial Consumer Alert list. The list consists of companies and websites which are neither authorised nor approved under the relevant laws and regulations administered by BNM. Please take note that the list is not exhaustive and only serves as a guide to members of the public based on information and queries received by BNM. The latest list consists of 445 companies/entities. The following company was added to the list:

  1. Amal Trust (002848059-U;
  2. Lindale Ventures (003041846 - U);
  3. i-Rakyat Trade;
  4. i-RakyaTrader; and
  5. i-Rakya Trader.

The list will be updated regularly for public's reference.  To view the updated list, click on this link.

Get the list handy on your smart phones using MyBNM mobile app. Learn more about our mobile apps at the following link: /index.php?lang=en&ch=en_mobileapps

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